Amy’s Story

Amy Jakobsen is an American citizen. She was born in the US where she has also spent the first years of her life. Later her family moved to Norway where her father originated from. In Norway Amy gave birth to a sweet boy named Tyler.

When Tyler was 19 months old he didn’t want to move from breast milk to more solid food. So the Norwegian Child Protection Service (called Barnevernet) came to Amy’s house together with the police and took the family to a hospital where a doctor examined the boy. This doctor was concerned that Amy was still breastfeeding Tyler and that the boy had only 9,6 kg weight instead of 10 kg. But according to weight charts 9,6 kg is still OK for a 19 months old boy.

Instead of offering help to Amy, Barnevernet simply took the child away from the mother. This happened without a hearing and without a court decision which is a clear violation of Human Rights. The photo below is a screenshot taken from Smartphone Video footage that shows how two Barnevernet workers together with two policemen are about to remove Tyler away from his mother:

Foto of the Kidnapping

Since then Amy was only allowed to see Tyler for a few times behind locked doors at a police station. The last time she saw him was in September 2014. She now has lost all parental rights and she is not allowed to see Tyler until he is 18 years old. The Norwegian authorities say that there is an abduction risk and that Amy might take Tyler home to America. That’s why she is not allowed to see him anymore

The Norwegian authorities have also changed the name of the child twice, so that Amy wouldn’t be able to locate her son who is kept at a secret address ever since he was taken.

Instead of helping Amy with her first child, those who actually should strengthen families, ruined Amys life. Not to think of the horrible trauma that little Tyler had to suffer, especially when you think of how important love and affection from the biological mother is for the development of a child during the first years of life. For Amy it’s an endless nightmare.