Update from the court trial on 29.-30. April 2019

Photo by Rune Fardal

On 29.-30. April 2019 Amy and Kevin had an other court trial in Farsund / Norway to regain custody or to get at least visitation rights back to be able to see their son Tyler. Norwegian family rights activist Rune Fardal met with Amy and Kevin after the first day of the court trial and recorded this interview. A very shocking new detail was brought up at the court trial: Tyler was tortured by his foster parents and the Norwegian child welfare system “Barnevernet” remains silent over this crime.

Watch the interview here:

The verdict of this trial is expected in late May or early June 2019.


New Video “Abducted by the State” is available

Abducted by the State - New documentary

New Video “Abducted by the State”, Photo by Jo Hoffmann

Amy Jakobsen is an American citizen who lives in Norway. In July 2013 her worst nightmare began. Without any warning, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services known as ‚Barnevernet‘ accompanied by police knocked at her door, saying that her 19-month-old son Tyler had to be taken to a hospital for an examination immediately. Follow Jo Hoffmann and Björn Korf in this new Video as they discuss a horrible case of Child abduction by the Norwegian state.

Abducted by the State
by Step up 4 Children’s Rights; 01/2019


Norway seized this child. Help free Tyler!

CitizenGo has launched a Petition to support Amy in her fight to get her child back. We at Step up 4 Children’s Rights were able to have international Lawyers review Amy’s case documents. CitizenGo was able to launch this Petition based on the report of these Lawyers. Please follow the link below or in the menue to sign the petition. Tyler must be returned to his mother as quickly as possible.


[Photo: Bjørnevåg / private]

Amy’s case – A Testimony of loss

In September of 2016 Amy shared her story at the “Save the children” Symposium in Vienna / Austria. She was interviewed by Dr. Gudrun Kugler. Dr. Kugler is an Austrian Politician, who holds Masters degrees in law and women’s studies and a doctorate in international Law. In 1999 she earned her Master’s of Theological Studies on Marriage and the Family.