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Top 5 Things To Do In Kraków, Poland

My friend and I decided to head to Krakow for only one night with the intention to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp/museum and keep moving. I had no interest in Krakow before arrival and I must say, I have been majorly surprised. I’ve fallen in love with this city and have been here for 5 nights so…


Top 5 Things To Do In Brussels, Belgium

I made a last minute decision to visit Brussels in Belgium. A great decision that was. It is such a beautiful city with a lot of history, a relaxed vibe and friendly people. The city centre is fairly small and is walkable by foot which I recommend as you get to experience a lot more…


Where have I been?

I’ve had quite a few emails from people asking why I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve really wanted to but I have just been so busy. After living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for two months, I headed to Bangkok and somehow spent a month there in hotels working on my projects and enjoying life….


Thai New Year ‘Songkran’ in Phuket 2015

Crazy. How else can I put it? If you haven’t already heard of Songrkan, please get googling. In short, it’s Thailand’s New Year where country wide water fight goes from the 13th – 15th April each year. Traditionally, you would pour water on the hand of elders to give and receive blessings. If you get annoyed…


Finally in Phuket, Thailand & Making Big Money!

I haven’t posted in a while as my life has been hectic the last few weeks. After a 4 hour flight delay which equalled a 12 hour over night layover in Kuala Lumpur (where I had countless coffees and finished a ton of work), I finally landed in Phuket on the 30th March for my friend’s…


Sales Secret: Pick Up The Phone

I recently increased my sales by 25%. I didn’t spend any money apart from a few cents on phone calls. Sounds crazy right? Go back a few months and this is what happened. As every online store should, I’ve always had a number set up on my store that’s connected to a Skype number. I…


Why I Chose To Stop Importing & Start Dropshipping

My first taste of business was importing from China and selling on eBay at 16. It was a lucrative business. I was importing LED bulbs to suit headlights and tail lights of cars into my bedroom and posting them out after school. I then scaled the business into importing containers and other various products into…


My First Post

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. You’re probably wondering why you’re here and who I am. My name’s Tyler, I’m currently 21 year olds and I work online. I started my first business at 16 by importing from China and selling on eBay. My passion for eCommerce then grew and eventuated into where I’m at today. I currently run…