Sales Secret: Pick Up The Phone

I recently increased my sales by 25%. I didn’t spend any money apart from a few cents on phone calls. Sounds crazy right? Go back a few months and this is what happened. As every online store should, I’ve always had a number set up on my store that’s connected to a Skype number. I…


Why I Chose To Stop Importing & Start Dropshipping

My first taste of business was importing from China and selling on eBay at 16. It was a lucrative business. I was importing LED bulbs to suit headlights and tail lights of cars into my bedroom and posting them out after school. I then scaled the business into importing containers and other various products into…


My First Post

Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. You’re probably wondering why you’re here and who I am. My name’s Tyler, I’m a 21 year old Australian that works online. I started my first business at 16¬†by¬†importing from China and selling on eBay. My passion for eCommerce then grew and eventuated into where I’m at today….